The First Listening Period: Learning Patience For Successful Dating

The First Listening Period: Learning Patience For Successful Dating

The first Listening Period is about 5 to 10 minutes. It is during this period that messages are being passed from one person to another. It is also during this period that listening is not the same thing as it is later on. We are still getting to know the person.

The most important time during the first Listening Period is when the weight of the world is on your shoulders. For example, if you fear rejection, it is easier to feel this way when the world is on your shoulders. Patience is especially important during this period.

Have just enough listening to the person to understand what they want and do not. Then allow them to ask for what they want.

Be patient during these first Listening Period s.
Be relaxed and have a positive attitude.
Listen, remember, and learn.
Remember the person only has a few seconds to prove they are worthy of your attention. It is not the end of the world if he or she does not say anything and you let it go. It is about learning from the past and making it easier to reach your goals. If they do say something to you, you can respond to it but not in the way they would like.

Is there a list of topics to avoid? It is up to you but definitely consider the following topics to avoid:

o Talk about your exes

o Do not comment on your health problems or perhaps how you would like to achieve your goals

o Do not discuss people you are currently involved with

o Have one listener who is female withdraw s focus from, and focus elsewhere when, your conversation is affecting

o Talk about your children

Have your Listening Period leave when you feel you have been hearing too much or too little from your partner.

Be patient and understanding. These are some of the qualities that an emotional intelligent partner will look for in you. Keep up your positive attitude. So much of the world is in turmoil; the world needs a strong and vibrant woman like the one you are.

Balance the beam of your relationship; you have your life where it is, all your interests, friends, and work. The focus can still be on your partner, but take a slightly different perspective. Think more positively and optimistically.

Use the perspective of an emotional intelligent partner to work on breaking negative thought processes. It is like being a positive person and keeping a negative thought process going. Letting go of those negative thought processes is a big part of being emotionally intelligent and getting the most out of your life. It is not easy, however, so there are many interruptions and relaxation techniques that you can try.

Take the time to listen beyond your list of topics to avoid continuing to tread the same road.

Remember the subject yourself and listen beyond your list of topics.

Empathize with your partner. You may be running your life’s wonderfulness somewhere else but keeping up a positive thought process, you can look at what is important about your partner and what true wisdom is or is not found in each individual human being. It is the willingness to share and build a home with one another that sticks you together in the long haul.

The listening aspects of a relationship are so important. This can be a great tool for expanding your home with one another.

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